SKI is me . I'm a retired licensed RF Telecommunications Technician, Systems Analyst, and advisor with emphasis in non–ionizing radiation hazard assessment, radio vault management, microwave, base station, land mobile, dispatch console, and extensive EDP management expertise.

My first love, commercial radio broadcasting on both sides of "the booth", has been intermingled throughout my career whether as an on-air personality or engineer. A tad of TV commercials and movie experience fell in between.

Now in retirement, I offer digital, Internet, video, wireless webcam, and online presence services, publishing, and marketing.

I strive to foster a close relationship with my clients. Clients know I'm available around the clock, whether it's delivering a technical solution during the work day or delivering their 40 foot yacht or Harley during the weekend.

Perhaps, you could call me a techie handyman. If you're looking for a "right-hand man"-type of solution, let's talk.

Live Stream

Mindless theater: A live view of the pond outside the office. Night scenes (with the black & white appearance) are lit with infrared light. Otherwise, it's total darkness to the naked eye. There is no color without visible light.